Monday, April 23, 2012

“Sudden Interruption” 11x14 ink on rice paper

The Start of Self Confidence

I’ve been painting for many years; have had my share of rejection, praise, ribbons, and sales. When it comes to self confidence with my artwork, I’m still a big sissy. But the other day I gained a little more strength.
What I like most about brush painting is its approach to paint the essence of a subject, and not focus so heavily on what it actually looks like. I love cats. I love observing them, from their facial expressions, tail movements, and the many positions they twist themselves into. A cat when interrupted, without being startled, will turn only their head, without changing the position of the rest of its body. When they become disinterested, they resume what they were originally focused on.
I took this, and other paintings, to the framer. This person telephoned that all but one was framed. They said this painting was too weird. The face seemed to be human, and the whole shape of the cat was wrong. They thought I should look at it before spending the money on a frame. At first I felt disappointed, not only in myself, but because I respect this framer who is also a wonderful artist. I was going to take the painting back, but a little person in my brain smacked me upside the head. I really liked this painting. It reflected what I love about cats, and I felt I had captured its essence. So I told them to frame it, and I would let them know when it sold.
So, if there is a little sissy in you just remember; Your art is a reflection of who You are. Its your DNA. Not everyone is going to feel your expression, and that’s OK. Someone out there is going to love the “weirdness”.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This was a plein aire piece I did at Gazebo Park, Brookhaven, a while back. I worked with a limited palette, which is out of sorts for me. My brain was constantly searching for the colors I was used to. I don't consider this complete, and plan to tweek it. Let me know what you (honestly) think.

5x7 acrylic

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just a simple bird, because nature is so simple.

Ink, 8x10